Xvs Drag Star

Yamaha Xvs 1100 A Lithium Battery Classic Up161 / Xvs 1100 Drag Star Vp05

Yamaha Xvs 1100 A Lithium Battery Classic Up161 / Xvs 1100 Drag Star Vp05

Yamaha Xvs 1100 A Lithium Battery Classic Up161 / Xvs 1100 Drag Star Vp05    Yamaha Xvs 1100 A Lithium Battery Classic Up161 / Xvs 1100 Drag Star Vp05
L 147 mm W 62 mm H 90 mm. 12 v - 12 ah. Warning: do not load when receiving the battery, it is already 80% pre-charged. Equivalence: yt14b-bs width: 150 mm depth: 65 mm height: 145 mm voltage: 12v capacity: 12 pcb cca: 220 std load: 4.5 max load: 35.0 weight: 0.99 kg terminal: + left. The latest generation of lithium motorcycle battery (li-ion). The skyrich brand introduces lithium batteries with increased weight and power. Technical advantage: 3 times lighter than a conventional lead battery. Quick charge in 6 minutes. Longer life, double compared to a normal battery.

Perfect performance even at high temperatures. High protection because it is non-explosive and non-combustible. This battery does not require a special charger because a car or motorcycle battery charger is enough. This type of battery is used in competition for non-negligible weight gain.

Features: only 1/3 of the weight of your original battery theoretical life 15 times longer than lead batteries no possible leak because no acid in the battery no lead, no cadmium, no mercury: less polluting product 4 times colder than lead batteries is practically unloadable technically, lithium technology surpasses lead / acid technology in every respect: safety, cleanliness, performance. The biggest change in battery since the advent of maintenance-free batteries - this battery is not based on lead or other heavy metals, it is lithium-based. It is identical in size to your original battery. Products is compatible with the following models.

Bt 1100 bulldog rp051, 2002 - 2006. Fjr 1300 5jw, 2001 - 2002. Fjr 1300 a / as 1cy, 2010 - 2012. Fjr 1300 abs 5jw, 2003 - 2005. Fjr 1300 abs 3p6, 2006 - 2009. Fzs 1000 fazer rn021 , 2001 - 2005. Mt-01 1700 5yu, 2005 - 2006. Mt-01 1700 5yu, 2007 - 2012.

Mt-01 sp ohlins 5yu, 2009 - 2011. Xjr 1300 sp 5ea, 1999 - 2001.

Xjr 1300 sp 5wm, 2002 - 2003. Xjr 1300 sp 5wm, 2004 - 2006.

Xjr 1300 sp, 2007 - 2012. Xv 1700 pc road star warrior 5px, 2003 - 2005. Xv 1900 has midnight star 5c4, 2006 - 2012.

Xvs 1100 has classic up161, 2000 - 2005. Xvs 1100s drag star vp05, 1999 - 2006. Some tips for the choice and the commissioning of your battery.

The different types of motorcycle batteries. Maintenance-free or maintenance-free, liquid-electrolyte-tight, gel-free, or agm, and all new lithium-ion motorcycle batteries ... Quick guide to get you around the question!

Motorcycle batteries with maintenance (conventional). Battery with maintenance, called conventional, or lead acid, is the one that offers the best longevity.

But as its name indicates, it requires an interview, and at least a regular follow-up. It is usually translucent, so you can check the acid level, and add demineralized water if it has dropped.

Generally these batteries are sold dry (without acid). To you to fill them during the.

Never add acid for upgrades:! See our advice sheet replacement and maintenance of a motorcycle battery: link to: 5.3fc.

The maintenance-free battery, or sealed battery, also works with the help you need to pour into the battery tank during commissioning. After that, it is sealed, sealed, and no more liquid can be added. This battery has the advantage of avoiding maintenance, but because of this, they last a little bit shorter than a conventional battery. Replacement and maintenance of a motorcycle battery. The gel batteries for motorcycles offer the advantage of working in all positions, even lying down, without risk of flow.

Similarly, they better withstand off-road shaking. In the event of an accident, they also have the advantage of not sending projections. Longevity issue, they support better landfills than agm batteries, but are also more expensive. The gel motorcycle batteries are sold ready to use, "plug and go could we say. See our advice sheet replacement and maintenance of a motorcycle battery.

The agm (absorb glass mat) battery is a concept that offers the same advantages as the gel battery, with a cheaper and more efficient process: instead of using gel, the battery agm use a liquid electrolyte, but is absorbed by the use separators made of microporous glass fibers. Lacide can not run, even in case of breakage. In addition this process allows a better exploitation of the volume of the tank and thus a better starting capacity. Agm batteries work without maintenance, they are waterproof.

The lithium ion motorcycle battery. The lithium ion battery for motorcycle, is a real revolution. Without acid, gel or other liquid, it combines many advantages: weight gain: it is both light (350g to 700g on average) without maintenance: no liquid, no evaporation, no sulfation. Stable and safe: without liquid, it works like a battery, in any position. Adaptable: it fits most motorcycles. 5 tips to replace your battery safely. 1 ° switch off the motorcycle before starting and during the entire operation.

2 ° if you have to fill the acid battery, do it before mounting on the motorcycle, and wear protective goggles and gloves. (3) never cause a spark in front of an open battery: the gaseous mixture that escapes from it is explosive. 4 ° to avoid any short disassembly: always start.

Unplug the (negative) ground cable (-) first. 5 ° to avoid a short circuit when reassembling: always reconnect the (positive) (+) cable first, then the (-) ground cable.

Do not throw your old battery in the trash, you can bring it to a dump, or bring it back to where you bought it. Apart from lithium ion, all motorcycle batteries contain acid and produce explosive gases. It can only be performed on standard batteries delivered dry (empty): they are recognizable to small separate plugs and easy to open.

They must be filled with sulfuric acid during the first commissioning. During the first commissioning only: apart from commissioning, never upgrade with acid! Each compartment must be filled up to the top. Leaving the margin of the cap.

(usually each bottle delivered contains the right dose for a compartment) let stand for 45 minutes to 1 hour (open caps) to let the degassing operate (evacuation of bubbles) and the time of soaking is past. Once past the imbibition time (the acid soaks the plates) the level may have dropped. It is good to complete the filling, and wait again for degassing. Recharge your battery only after choosing your charging mode.

Only mount the battery on your motorcycle once it is properly closed. During the first commissioning you can opt for an optimal power or for a fast use. This acid is dangerous and a projection is quickly arrived. Wear appropriate glasses and gloves. Gases released by an open battery can be explosive.

Never produce a spark next to it. Never attempt to open a sealed battery. It's dangerous, and useless. Battery maintenance, some safety rules. Aside from lithium ion, most motorcycle batteries contain acid and produce explosive gases. Here are some helpful tips for handling them. 6 points safety in the maintenance of a battery.

1 ° wear protective glasses: a battery can explode, or throw acid (opening or falling). 2 ° avoid short circuits when dismounting: always disconnect the ground cable (-) first, then the cable (+). 3 ° avoid short circuits when reassembling: always connect the cable (+) first, then the ground cable (-) 4 ° never add acid: an upgrade is always done with distilled water, ( or demineralized). 5 ° never cause a spark in front of an open battery: the gaseous mixture that escapes from it is explosive.

6 ° Always turn off the power to the charger before putting or removing the cables. In order not to create a spark when the cables touch the terminals.

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Yamaha Xvs 1100 A Lithium Battery Classic Up161 / Xvs 1100 Drag Star Vp05    Yamaha Xvs 1100 A Lithium Battery Classic Up161 / Xvs 1100 Drag Star Vp05